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Injured in an Accident?

With our statewide team of doctors, Mobile Chiropractic Accident and Injury Network provides quality therapeutic chiropractic services at the home or office of accident victims throughout Florida’s metropolitan areas. We also have providers available in many rural communities as well.

It’s bad enough to be injured in an accident. It's even worse when you have no time or transportation to get necessary treatment so you can heal from those injuries.

Having the ability to follow through with appropriate medical care is essential for an injured person to regain their quality of life.

All of our statewide network providers are dedicated to providing treatment conveniently at a patient’s home or business locations. 

When necessary, appropriate referrals for diagnostic testing, and/or medical specialists will be made.

We will gladly work with your attorney if you are represented.

If You Can’t Get to the Doctor - Then the Doctor Will Come to You.

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