How employee friendly is your workplace?

How Employee friendly is your workplace?   


Due to prolonged time of repetitive activity or from being stagnant for an extended amount of time, the muscles and tendons of the body weaken as a result of the stress.

The doctors at Mobile Chiropractic can design a plan that will complement your existing health program or we can create one if none exists. During the wellness program consultation, a Doctor of Chiropractic will review and discuss the needs of the workplace.  A specific plan would be designed around ergonomic and safety  concerns and presented for consideration.  Upon approval the plan can be implemented.  There is no obligation or liability to the company for making Mobile Chiropractic available to employees.  If anyone in your office suffers from acute, chronic  or recurring pain such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or headaches, now is the time to help them.  Mobile Chiropractic's availability to your workforce can help reduce your companies overall health insurance and worker's compensation claims. Mobile Chiropractic is available for health fairs or to give health and safety oriented lectures that are designed specifically for the demands of your worksite and job responsibilities.

Mobile Chiropractic's
Workplace Wellness
Program Components:                                                              

• Wellness Programs
• Health Fairs
• Preventive Health Screenings
• Health Risk Assessment
• Condition Management
• Education
• Newsletters
• Wellness Surveys
• Incentive Strategies
• Employee Communications