Wellness at work:

In the time that it takes for a coffe break, our doctors attend to your chiropractic needs. The doctors are flexible in scheduling regular visits to fit your time requirements and situation. Since the doctor comes to you, there is no "waiting in the lobby" to see the doctor. The doctor parks the mobile office in an easily accessible location at or near the workplace. All appointments are scheduled individually in order to manage the employee's time better. During a morning or afternoon break, lunch, flex-time or after work, you will receive quality chiropractic treatment at work saving hours of aggravation driving and waiting for the doctor. All it takes is about 15 minutes and you are back to work.

Get your Company Involoved:

Most companies are affected by soaring costs of providing healthcare to employees. Whether you are a Human Resources professional who is looking for the edge to help retain employees or a CEO of a company concerned about rising health care costs, now is the time to get Mobile Chiropractic involoved in your company's healthcare program. Follow these simple steps to help your management and support staff in getting your business on the road to health and increased productivity. 

 *Educate leadership about the benefits associated with prevention and wellness.
 *Find out what employees would like to gain from a wellness program.
 *Develop the mission, objectives, and goals of what your program will accomplish.
 *Locate and recruit both inside and outside help for your program.
 *Design and implement program activities.
 *Motivate all the simple rewards or a competition for success.
 *Evaluate the program to determine effectiveness.

HR Managers:

How employee friendly is your workplace?

Due to the prolonged periods of time with repetetive activity or from being stagnant for an extended amount of time, the muscles and tendons of the body weaken as a result of stress. The doctors at Mobile Chiropractic can design a plan that will complement your existing health program or we can help to create one if none exists. During a wellness program consultation, a Doctor of Chiropractic will review and discuss the needs of the workplace. A specific plan would be designed around ergonomic and safety concerns and presented for consideration. Upon approval, the plan can then be implemented. There is no obligation or liability to the company for making Mobile Chiropractic available to employees. If anyone in your office suffers from acute or chronic pain such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or headaches, now is the time to help them. Mobile Chiropractic's availability to your workforce can help to reduce your companies overall health insurance and workers' compensation claims. Mobile Chiropractic is available for health fairs or to give health and safety oriented lectures that are designed specifically for the demands of your worksite and job responsibilities.

The Process:

Utilizing state-of-the-art assessment and integrating closely with your management, The Mobile Chiropractic Workplace Wellness Program has the power to be a practical tool in containing healthcare costs. Our program combines several critical elements that will benefit you and your employees: At the core of the Wellness Program is facilitating your employees' access to an individual health risk assessment. The risk assessment is a survey and examination that assesses the employees overall health. Assisting individuals to indentify and act on conditions before they become acute (and much more expensive) is a key value of the assessment.

A second important component of the program is the implementation of ongoing periodic wellness events and activities designed to maintain awareness, broaden education in wellness as a lifestyle and provide intervention opportunities for both current and new employees. Mobile Chiropractic has an in-house communications department available to develop employee communications needed to achieve success for your company. We will tailor marketing materials as needed to drive participation in the Mobile Chiropractic Workplace Wellness Program, build attendance at events and educate employees. The Wellness Program, the risk assessment, ongoing events and a tailored communications plan will give your office a personalized program, a valuable step forward in introducing meaningful wellenss in your company.

Health Fairs:

Our Health & Wellness Fair has been very well received and successfully implemented at many South Florida companies. We have designed it as the first step in introducing the concept of wellness to your employees. We set up a friendly and engaging environment that allows employees to talk personally with the doctor and see firsthand how they can take positive steps to improve their health and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In additon to introducing wellness, the Health & Wellness Fair increases employee morale and is seen by employees as a concrete new benefit. It can also play a role in early discovery and treatment of conditions that may evolve into much larger claims in the future. We have designed the Health & Wellness Fair to be incredibly easy to implement and is available at no cost.

 *Bio-mechanical screening of the spine and extremities
 *Ergonomic evaluations
 *Lifestyle, fitness and nutritional consultation
 *Chair Massage

Ergonomic Questionnaire:

What is Ergonomics?

As explained by the U.S. Department of Health, ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of employees.

Ergonomic principles are used to improve the "fit" between the worker and the workplace. A practical approach to Ergonomics considers the match between the person, the equipment they use, the work process and the work environment. An employee's capabilities, physical attributes and work habits must be recognized to improve ergonomic factor in the workplace.

Ask yourself these questions to see how ergonimically suitable your work sites are. 

  •  Does the workstation suit the employees body structure?
  •  Are the employees taking the proper safety precaution?
  •  Do errors occur frequently?
  •  Does the equipment the employees use cause discomfort?
  •  Do workers share similar health complaints such as headaches or backaches?
  •  Do workers know how to properly use the tools and equipment?

 Let your employees work Smarter not Harder