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How It Started



How it got Started

A leading Doctor of Chiropractic since 1982, Dr. Jeffrey Solomon, Diplomat in Chiropractic Sports injuries, pioneered the concept of a full-service mobile chiropractic practice in 1988.

Dr. Solomon conceived the mobile chiropractic concept while he was the onset chiropractor for the TV series "Miami Vice."  Having come off set one afternoon and while entering his traditional practice, Dr. Solomon was walking back to the office when he had a brief conversation with a patient who was non-complaint missing visits.  He blamed the doctor for his continues pain. The patient stated he was to busy with everything in his life and said, " you should be coming to me and my problems would be resolved."

By the time he reached the other end of the office a vision of a large vechile, similar to what was on the set appeared in his mind.  Dr. Solomon was certain someone would have already thought of the concept of a mobile office.  Upon thorough investigation within the profession, there seemed to be no record or existing ambulatory office to use as a precedent for a working model.  That was the point when Dr. Solomon became compelled to research and develop a prototype model of a chiropractic transportable facility.

In January 1993, following the development and construction of the first complete mobile office he served patients and managed both his traditional and mobile chiropractic.  With a very expedient and successful upstart of the practice.